Bienvenidos a mi página personal en la que podéis encontrar información sobre mi actividad profesional, tanto docente como de investigación.

Soy Profesor Titular de Universidad en el área de Organización de Empresas de la Universidad de Extremadura en la Escuela de Ingenierías Industriales, y formo parte del Grupo Extremeño de Investigación en Marketing y Dirección de Operaciones (M@rkDO)

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Welcome to my personal website where you can find some information about my teaching and research activity, and other useful resources.

I am an Associate Professor of Business Management in the School of Industrial Engineering at the University of Extremadura (Spain), and join the M@rkDO Research Group

My research topics are related to the Supply Chain Management and particularly to those issues related with the management of the End-Of-Life products and its impact on the Supply Chain. Keywords like reverse logistics, closed-loop supply chain, remanufactured products, sustainable supply chain can describe the main themes analysed in my research papers and projects. 


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The region of Extremadura is located in the south-west of Spain on the Portuguese border. It is one of the largest regions in Europe with a surface area of approximately the size of Belgium (41,600 km2). This region is divided into two provinces, Cáceres in the north and Badajoz in the south. Mérida is the regional capital.

The University of Extremadura (UEx) was born in 1973 as a result of social demand and the long-term effort of local people. Despite the relative youth of the University of Extremadura and its structure of multi-disciplinary campuses, its original division into two districts (Cáceres and Badajoz, recently expanded to Mérida and Plasencia), and a principle of balanced development have meant that at the UEx the Faculties and Schools have played a vital role in university life. 
The University of Extremadura is a modern institution that has, approximately 25.000 students, more than 2.000 professors and 19 centres (11 faculties, 6 university and engineering schools and 2 joined centres) distributed among its four campuses. The academic offer of the UEx is extended to more than 60 grades (EHEA), doctorate studies, research programs, International summer courses, masters and Spanish Language and Culture Courses and it counts with the recently open Modern Languages Institute (ILM).


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